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Jennifer discovered the power of somatic interventions only after her son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in 2011. She was frustrated that despite all their interventions, he just wasn't making progress. Once she discovered the Feldenkrais Method she came to understand that the key to success was improving the motor-feedback loop and how the brain processes information. It was such a game-changer for her son's quality of life she quickly enrolled in a training and eventually quit her career in Information Technology. That was 8 years ago and since then she has helped children and adults facing a large variety of conditions and/or complaints. Jennifer is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Method™ Practitioner as well as a Certified Movement Lesson™ practitioner.
Jennifer Miller
Somatic Movement Specialist


  • Body Awareness
  • Back Pain
  • Brain Injury/Concussions
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Chronic Pain


  • Somatic/Neuroplastic
  • Movement Evaluations
  • Parent Training
  • Trauma Informed


  • Neuromuscular re-education: $100
  • 4 Session Package: $350


“My son was born 14 weeks premature and as a result had high tone in his legs and difficulty mastering gross motor milestones. Within the first few lessons with Jennifer his body was moving in completely new ways and he started hitting his milestones. ”

Highly Recommended!

“At age 62 I was in a terrible car accident. When I met with Jennifer I felt like a tin woman because my body was not moving properly. Jennifer was a game changer in my recovery. I moved from chronic pain into smooth, pain free movement. ”

Patty Walker, Simply Fit LLC

“Our family could not be more grateful for Jennifer's help with our 8 year old daughter following an acquired brain injury. We have noticed considerable improvement in her balance, posture, energy level, improved proprioception as well as less ataxia. ”

Tatum, Title: Supermom


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